Sarah Brooke’s Oily Orgasmic Tickle Massage! Full Version – HI DEF – MP4

Sarah Brooke's Oily Orgasmic Tickle Massage! Full Version - HI DEF - MP4

Run Time: 19:34___ 1280×720 ____ SCREEN SIZE ____ ~ High Definition ~Sarah Brooke comes in for her session at the kinky massage parlor only to find that Jessie is out for the day! Well thankfully she has a hot blonde Janira Wolfe she trained in her place for the day! Making Sarah uber comfortable Janira has Sarah disrobe and lie on the table then proceeds to tie the nervous client to the table assuring it is regular procedure! Once she has her completely helpless the hot bodied blonde Janira drenches the beautiful busty redhead with baby oil and proceeds to ‘tickle massage’ it in! Right into her ribs armpits Janira wiggles her long sexy fingers sending Sarah into a whirlwind of laughter! She just can’t STOP laughing as Janira digs at her sides and up to her oily armpits all the way to her neck and every spot around the upper half of this big breasted beautiful redhead! Time to move down south! Janira props Sarah’s perfect soles up on her pantyhose lap and douses them with oil!! Then she scratches them with her long nails sending Sarah into fits of non stop laughter!! Time for some aromatherapy as sexy blonde Janira smothers her sexy client with her pantyhose feet and uses the magic wand on her pussy to inhibit heavier breathing as she inhales the scent of her pantyose soles while she comes to orgasm then leaves the wand on the oiled and bound beauty to t*rture her even more! Amazingly hot oily tickle massage!! Discounted to the LOW price of $12.99 for the Entire clip! If you are interested in just the tickling or tickling and orgasms without the intro or themed element of the entire clip you may purchase them in the seperate parts 1 & 2. Starring Janira Wolfe and Sarah Brooke

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