Hot Milf Secretaries Get Tickling Revenge on Boss – HD MP4

Hot Milf Secretaries Get Tickling Revenge on Boss - HD MP4

Run Time: 8:31___ 1920×1080 ____ SCREEN SIZE ____ ~ High Definition ~Zoey and Jessica are fed up with their snobby boss treating them like total work horses since she’s hired on all these hot little 18 and 19 year old girls! Now these two hot MILFS have ganged up on their tiny boss with the big attitude and are going to make her pay! These two bombshell blonde milfs already have boss tied to her office chair and after taunting her they pull her feet up in the air and tickle the shit out of her bare and helpless soles! Miss boss lady is laughing a little too loud and Jess doesn’t want the other people in the office building to hear so she gags the helpless boss as Zoey scratches away at her soft perfect soles! The insanity continues as Jessica decides to remove her stockings and put them on her boss’ feet! Isn’t it fun to play dress up with your bound boss! The two hot milfs bind her feet again and tickle her bound stocking feet! Satisfied with their revenge they leave their snobby boss to be found later on, hopefully not by the night janitor :DStarring Zoey Tyler, Jessica Taylor, and Kelsey Obsession

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